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What Is an Infinity Pool?

Infinity pools are one of the most requested designs in modern times. They give your property a luxurious look, no matter if it is commercial or residential. But what is an infinity pool? 

If you want to discover the most visually appealing pool design, you are in the right place. We will explain what an infinity pool looks like and offer our services to build such a stunning architectural marvel in your backyard. 

What Is an Infinity Pool?

Infinity pools are synonyms for modern and luxurious pools, also known as edge, overflow, or spillover pools. Their unique design stands out from the rest because it creates the visually appealing effect of infinite water. So, what is an infinity pool?

Infinity pools are pool designs with water overflowing on one or more sides. They are called infinity pools because they create a visual illusion that the water is never-ending.

They are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial properties. The design is especially breathtaking in locations with extraordinary views.

In such places, water in high-quality acrylic glass for swimming pools creates a visual effect of extending infinitely into larger bodies. Some examples include the sky, natural landscapes, cityscapes, and larger water bodies such as oceans or lakes.

What Is an Infinity Pool
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How do infinity pools work?

Regular pool designs have walls that are higher than the water level to keep them in place. Infinity pools, on the other hand, have one or several sides that are the same height as the water level or just an inch lower.

As a consequence, the pool water slopes downwards to the edge. The pool water that falls down is typically collected by a catchment basin or balance tank. The water of the infinity pool does not go to waste. Instead, there is a pump that returns the water into the pool.

Benefits of Infinity Pools

Having an infinity pool has multiple benefits. The most obvious one is that they add an aesthetic touch to your property. The water falling extending to a beautiful view will enhance the overall look of your backyard and provide you with an excellent place for outdoor swimming.

Furthermore, infinity pools are considered luxury pools. Yes, they can be around 20% more expensive than standard pools, but they can significantly enhance your property value.

Believe it or not, infinity pools might need less maintenance than traditional water. This is because their filtration system constantly circulates the water, which minimizes algae growth.

Lastly, infinity pools can be built in various shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer a freeform or a linear acrylic or glass wall pool, our Titan Aquatic Exhibits team can create it. Also, an infinity pool gives you the freedom to decide on how many sides you would like to have a vanishing edge and water falling.

Building Considerations for Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are complex to make, and we, as pool builders, must consider many things before building one. To ensure the water consistently circles and creates the optical illusion of merging with another body, you must hire experienced pool builders like us.

Before we create a seamless pool design for you, we need to assess the pool site. An ideal location for an endless pool should have a backdrop and enough space for the pool and the catch basin. In addition, the site should fulfill the requirements for a standard pool, such as enough sun and a relaxation area.

Also, in consultation with you, we should pick the most suitable materials for the infinity edge pool. We can offer you the highest-quality acrylic and glass wall panels for your project.

But are infinity pools dangerous? The answer is they won’t be if you leave the building process in the hands of experts.

Are Infinity Pools Safe?

Infinity pools are generally safe for outdoor swimming when designed, constructed, and maintained properly. The water drop edges are engineered to be safe and stable.

But are infinity pools safe for kids? As with every other pool type, you should always watch your kids when they are in the pool. We recommend you practice common sense and caution.

Are Infinity Pools Safe
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Can you fall off an infinity pool?

One of the greatest safety concerns clients share with us is falling off an infinity pool. Infinity pools have a structural design that prevents falling off its edge. When we build them, we have to adhere to strict safety regulations and building codes that prevent falls.

Simply put, when you swim to the edge of the pool, there will be an acrylic or glass wall that prevents you from falling. Even if you want to build a rooftop pool, there is nothing to worry about.


What is an infinity pool? To sum up, they are pools that have water spilling over the edge on one or more sides.

We hope that now you have a general picture of what infinity pools look like and how they work. If you decide to invest in an infinity pool for your property, we are here to turn your ideas into reality. 

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Neal Moir

Neal Moir

is the owner at Titan Aquatic Exhibits and brings more than a decade in aquarium and acrylic pool wall manufacturing experience.

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