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Titan Aquatic Enterprises is the parent company of Titan Aquatic Exhibits, Titan Composites and Through each of our businesses we offer our clients complete turn-key aquatic projects. Our experience in acrylic and fiberglass aquarium manufacturing gives us the unique ability to offer a wide variety of options on your project with the convenience of still working with a single point of contact. By going directly to the manufacturer, our clients avoid additional and unnecessary costs.

We have the experience and knowledge to take our clients from design through installation. Titan Aquatic Enterprises clients include public aquariums, corporations, residential and government facilities.

Our services include the following:

Turn Key Aquarium Systems

We are often asked to supply clients with a complete turn-key, plug, and play system. This includes the aquarium, support stand, decoration/inserts, filtration, lighting and even cabinetry. These systems arrive completely pre-plumbed and ready to be installed with everything you need to start up and run a beautiful display.

Acrylic Aquariums

Since 2011, we have been the leading manufacturer of custom acrylic aquariums. Custom fish tanks are built to order to our client’s exact specifications. We offer standard and exhibit grade bonds with countless options. Our acrylic aquariums are engineered and manufactured to last a lifetime. All our aquariums come standard with schedule 80 bulkheads, drain standpipes and return plumbing. Recessed Lexan lids are also standard. Our included upgrades are standard while other manufacturers may offer them but at a significant price increase.

Fiberglass Aquariums

We now offer our clients fiberglass exhibits, with either acrylic or glass viewing windows, custom manufactured at our Chandler, AZ location. They are primarily used in commercial / institutional venues such as public aquariums, zoos, museums, universities and testing facilities. However, a fiberglass tank is a great option anywhere you need more durability and size.

Steel Support Stands

Many of our dealers prefer to use steel support stands to support their aquariums. Our steel support stands are all powder-coated and come with a plywood top secured to the steel frame.

Fiberglass Support Stands

Many public aquariums prefer fiberglass stands for their exhibits due to its durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. In the past, even these FRP stands contained metal structural components and connectors.  Titan now offers 100% fiberglass stands with the look and under-tank accessibility of steel stands that will never rust or corrode and are engineered to perform just as steel would. These stands can have cladding easily attached to them to provide a beautiful finished look.

Thermoformed Acrylic Panels

One of the biggest advantages acrylic has over glass is it can be easily formed into any shape. We can thermoform panels in-house to create custom aquariums in any shape and size.

Small to Medium Size Life Support Installation

We offer design and installation for life support systems up to 3,000 gallons. Our design and installation crews have over 90 years of experience and can create a clean looking and highly efficient system to run your new exhibit or display.  For a larger system, we use one of our strategic partners who design and install Life Support Systems for public aquariums all over the world.

Acrylic Panel and Pool Panel Installations

With over 90 years of experience, our team has installed some of the most famous displays around the world. We offer onsite panel installation with the most common applications being pools and large aquatic displays.

Panel Removal or Re-Sealing

Replacing well-used exhibits with new ones?  We can come in, remove any unwanted acrylic panels and dispose of them from your facility. Are your panels in good shape and you just need an update on your sealing/glazing? We can also re-seal panels in place.  Our team will work with you to assess the best course of action to minimize the amount of time your exhibit is down, if at all.

Leak Detection & Solution

Have a leak and you cannot track it down? Often, the leak is not in the obvious place as water can travel great distances before it is visually seen. Your leak may be many feet away from where it shows itself. Our dive certified crew will find the problem and offer you solutions on how to fix it.

On-site Polishing or Scratch Removal

Have an acrylic panel that just needs a little caring for after many years of use? Our crew provides on-site dry and wet side polishing and scratch removal. Our crew is dive certified and can perform wet side work without draining the exhibit.

Project Management and Budgetary Pricing

Every client has a budget. We can help get the most out of that budget by giving you options in real dollars of what your new display will cost. We often provide pricing to public aquariums before they request funding to give their board accurate pricing and avoid cost over runs. We also offer project management for our clients with vast experience managing and working with multiple subcontractors, coordinating schedules and managing budgets to achieve the results you want.

Design Services

Each one of our clients receives detailed CAD drawings for their project, whether it is a single acrylic aquarium, a 30,000-gallon display, or a multi-exhibit build. Our in-house team has designed or assisted in over 2,000 displays and exhibits ranging from residential aquariums, public aquariums, and commercial facilities.

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