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Unique Commercial Aquarium Uses and Applications

Unique Commercial Aquarium Uses and Applications

Today more commercial interior designers are turning to aquariums as a way to enhance a space in a unique, attractive and innovative way. A professionally designed commercial aquarium can make a big difference in how a professional office or other type of similar interior space is viewed and perceived. Best of all, today’s modern commercial aquariums and custom fish tanks are fully functional and created with the most pleasing and appealing visual form imaginable.

Enhancing any type of modern interior design with a fish tank or unique commercial aquarium that incorporates tropical fish or other types of sea life and creatures should simply not be overlooked. From free-shape aquariums to large rectangular designs and even sphere like shapes, the possibilities are virtually endless. Here are some the more likely applications where a commercial aquarium can greatly enhance an interior space.

Aquariums for Hospitals and Physicians 

Hospitals and physicians’ offices often have waiting rooms where anxious patients sit in anticipation of some type of upcoming procedure or treatment. By incorporating a unique commercial aquarium or fish tank into this type of commercial space, patients are more relaxed and more at ease prior to seeing the doctor.

Commercial Aquariums for Dental Clinics 

As with a physician’s office, a dental clinic or dentist’s office is the perfect place to incorporate a commercial fish tank or commercial aquarium. Dental patients awaiting treatment clearly enjoy a relaxing and calming environment that includes a beautifully crafted fish tank or aquarium.

Automotive Dealerships

Commercial aquarium applications seem to be common in Automotive dealerships. Automotive dealerships always seem to be on the cutting edge when it comes to unique and clever interior design. More car dealerships than ever are taking full advantage of today’s modern and uniquely custom-crafted aquariums and fish tanks. Adding a sense of intrigue to an automotive dealership showroom can only serve to increase sales.

Corporate Office Lobbies 

Corporate headquarters and offices with lobbies have historically always looked for ways to enhance the overall appeal of their business or corporation. By adding a beautifully custom crafted aquarium or fish tank, companies can convey a sense of style and lavishness in ways that would otherwise not be possible.

Restaurants and Bars

As with other commercial interior spaces, restaurants and bars are another type of business that can stand to gain substantially from incorporating an aquarium or see-through swimming pools into the overall experience for diners. Because aquariums are known to create a sense of calm, those dining in an upscale restaurant can enjoy a more relaxing and intriguing dinner overall.

Aquariums for Casinos 

Casinos have always been known for extremes when it comes to designing the interior of a commercial space. In many cases casinos are always ready to go big when it comes to an aquarium or fish tank. Some of the most dramatic and impressive types of commercial aquarium applications are often found in a casino setting.

Retirement and Nursing Homes 

Nursing homes and retirement communities have long used aquariums as a way to make the living experience more enjoyable for the elderly. This is an added feature that allows the elderly to explore the beauty of fish up close and personal.

Memory Care Facilities 

As with retirement nursing homes, memory care facilities often include fish tanks and aquariums as a way to help those with memory issues enjoy life to the fullest. An aquarium or fish tank provides for an interesting distraction from the commonalities of life. Those in memory care truly enjoy the relaxing and calming experience of watching fish in a beautiful aquarium.

Childcare Pediatrics 

Childcare and pediatrics offices are well suited for aquariums and fish tanks. Children with an incredible sense of wonder will be amazed at how beautiful fish can be especially when in a controlled aquarium environment. It seems that kids can never get enough of aquariums and fish tanks.

Attorneys and Law Offices 

Many lawyers’ offices make use of fish tanks and aquariums as a way to give clients a sense of a professional and expertly designed interior. Large law firms with many partners often collaborate to produce big aquarium projects that are impressive in every respect.

Retail Stores & Malls

Many retail stores, outlets and malls make use of aquariums and fish tanks as a way to entice customers to shop. It’s a great way to make a mall or retail outlet more popular and more inviting.


Banks are yet another example of where fish tanks fit in perfectly. They let loyal customers know that their bank is concerned with making the interior of the building more inviting and more welcoming. Those dropping in for a quick deposit will often pause and ponder the beauty of a modern fish tank.

Movie Theaters

Movie theaters as with other interior commercial spaces often incorporate beautiful aquariums as a way to attract more business. Any type of commercial interior space such as a movie theater only becomes more interesting and appealing with the addition of a water feature such as an aquarium.

TV Productions

TV productions are also a place where beautifully crafted aquariums are often seen. Many favorite shows viewed today on television often have large aquariums as part of the overall set. This is yet another case where an aquarium can add simplistic beauty that is truly admirable.

Commercial Aquarium Applications

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Neal Moir

Neal Moir

is the owner at Titan Aquatic Exhibits and brings more than a decade in aquarium and acrylic pool wall manufacturing experience.

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