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3000 gallon cylinder aquarium

This custom 3000 gallon cylinder aquarium was created for Rockie William’s Premier Dodge/Chrysler Dealership in Mt Juliet, TN. Having never owned an aquarium himself, Rockie always dreamt of having one. He also had a dream of expanding his small auto dealership into a grand scale premier location. This was the perfect time to marry the two ideas. This aquarium is the center piece and focal point of his showroom and greets every customer as they visit.

The complex filtration system, designed by Titan, is what keeps over 300 fish healthy and brings Rocky’s dream to life. Installed by Titan Aquatic Exhibits and Aquarium Artisans out of Cincinnati, Ohio., the filtration system is housed remotely in a 12X12ft room approximately 80 feet away from the display. A network of underground pipes run between the aquarium and life support room under the buildings concrete foundation. The filtration system is comprised of an open loop system including a large Titan custom sump, a commercial protein skimmer from My Reef Creations (MRC)., a Clearwater Tech ozone generator with a custom controller by Ozone Water Systems., and an www.aquariumsource.comcustom 12” by 48” bio-pellet reactor. Multiple Dolphin pumps are used to move the filtered water back to the aquarium. The system also has a closed loop system which includes a Pentair sand filter, Aqua Logic 12k watt heater, Aqua Ultraviolet 400 watt UV sterilizer and a Tradewind 3 horsepower split system water chiller. Water flow for both systems is easily adjusted via digital flow meters. Fresh water makeup comes from a Spectrapure RODI system. Finally, remote monitoring is always available through the Neptune Apex system.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Rockie and complete his long-time aspirations of owning a world class aquarium. If you’re ever in the Nashville area, be sure to stop in and check it out for yourself.

3000 Gallon Cylinder Aquarium

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