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Gallery Furniture Store - Houston Texas

One of our favorite custom aquarium’s sits right outside of Houston, TX. Gallery Furniture store is truly unique. Designed to bring the community together, the location features many beautiful exotic tropical birds, exotic animals and one of the largest aquariums Titan Aquatic Exhibit was asked to design and build.

In 2014 we began the design project. The aquarium is constructed of marine grade concrete with four, 128” x 96” acrylic viewing panels. The panels are 4” in thickness and were provided by Reynolds Polymer.

This custom aquarium measures 40 foot long, 8 foot wide and 8 feet tall. Because of the enormity of size, we also designed it with a service ramp for removing animals that also allows easier access for divers and feeding.

With a dedicated filtration room directly behind the exhibit, Aquatic Exhibits International designed and installed a state of the art filtration system as well all the lighting for the aquarium.

Long term maintenance is done by Aquarium Design Group.

Gallery Furniture Store – Houston Texas

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