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Neal Moir, CEO of Titan Aquatic Enterprises Appointed to the Prestigious AALSO Marketing Committee

Aug. 29, 2018 – (Chandler, AZ) The non-profit organization, AALSO (Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators), announced Titan Aquatic Enterprise CEO, Neal Moir, to its 2019 Marketing Committee. The ALLSO focuses on the education and training of aquatic life support operators around the world.

Neal Moir, CEO of Titan Aquatic Enterprises“I am looking forward to the upcoming year and working with the other committee members to encourage the advancement of science and technology life support care of aquatic systems and animals,” said Neal Moir, CEO of Titan Enterprises. “2019 marks the 25 th anniversary of this organization and the importance of professionals in the industry to exchange ideas. We have an exciting year ahead with the 2020 Symposium coming up along with multiple trade shows we will be participating in, this is all a part of the enhancing stewardship of aquatic animals.”

About Titan Aquatic Enterprises:
Titan Aquatic Enterprises is the parent company of Titan Aquatic Exhibits and  Titan Composites . Through each of our businesses, we offer clients a complete turn-key aquatic project. Our experience in acrylic and fiberglass aquarium manufacturing gives us the unique ability to offer a wide variety of options on your project with the convenience of still working with a single point of contact. By going directly to the manufacturer, we help you avoid additional and unnecessary costs. Titan Aquatic Enterprises services include: Acrylic Aquarium Manufacturing, Fiberglass Manufacturing, Panel Installation, Filtration Installation, Pool and Spa panels, Panel and Sealant Repair and Epoxy, Scratch Removal/Polishing of acrylic panels and Fiberglass Stands.

About AALSO:
AALSO members are the water quality and mechanical system professionals that move the water, design and maintain the systems, develop and distribute the products to manage the daily requirements for animals in our care at hundreds of facilities across the world. We care for the systems that make animal care possible. We are a 501 c6 nonprofit organization focusing on the education and training of aquatic life support operators around the world. We as an organization do not act as a consultant to our members directly regarding projects or problems, however, we create a pathway for our members to learn about the latest technology in the industry and act as a forum for
members to connect and discuss the care of aquatic animals in captivity. Formed in 1994 we are supported by the entire industry. From operators to vendors and researchers to administrators, we are the premier professional organization dedicated to this multifaceted discipline. If you have ever selected or maintained a pump, glued PVC pipe, adjusted an ozonator, measured dissolved oxygen, pH or ammonia, measured flow or temperature, open or closed a valve, chances are you are less than two
removes from an AALSO member.

Neal Moir

Neal Moir

is the owner at Titan Aquatic Exhibits and brings more than a decade in aquarium and acrylic pool wall manufacturing experience.

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