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How Are Public Aquarium Viewing Panels Mounted?

If you are intrigued by the appearance of fish tanks, you are probably wondering how giant sea aquariums are constructed. The see through windows allow constant observation of the fish inside of it. But how are public aquarium viewing panels mounted? 

The entire process is straightforward since they lift the material with a crane for an easier assemblage of the aquarium’s hardscape according to the design specifications.

It’s important for public aquarium panels to offer a clear view without the appearance of colorful tints that can sometimes occur when using glass. All that being said, let’s dive into the techniques and process of mounting public aquarium viewing panels.

A Closer Look_ How Are Public Aquarium Viewing Panels Mounted
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How Are Public Aquarium Viewing Panels Mounted?

The window panels are directly sealed into concrete openings. However, the installation process of acrylic window aquarium fish tanks differs from how aquarium glass is built. 

A great viewing experience calls for good viewing panels that will last a long time and always look amazing without the possibility of getting easily damaged.

For durability purposes, aquarium viewing panels should be thick and sturdy to withstand the necessary amount of water and the pressure it creates inside. They are usually made from glass or acrylic materials. Acrylic is preferable for a fish aquarium because it’s higher in quality.

However, reach out to an acrylic aquarium manufacturer to process the material and create the best fish aquarium for your needs and preferences. Choose your desired shape and design if you want a nice fish tank in your office, restaurant, or home.

Now, you will learn how public aquarium viewing panels are mounted and whether you can customize the design of your desired fish tanks. Also, you will discover if the process of sealing the windows is lengthy and complicated for manufacturers.

Fabrication techniques

The viewing panel fabrication begins by engineering tensile stress of around 800 PSI. The reason for this is to create a panel that fully supports the water pressure and a panel deflection for L/400 and suit even open fish tanks that are not covered on top.

Manufacturers start building viewing panels by measuring the size of the public aquarium. When they ensure they have enough material for the entire fish tank, they start by cutting individual panels to assemble the aquarium.

To properly cut the acrylic, manufacturers use specific tools. By using acrylic cutters, they create identical material sheets. Then, they smooth down the edges and polish the surface of the acrylic material sheets.

When all the prep work is done, it’s time to mount the viewing panel by positioning the four side panels around the bottom panel, laying on a flat surface. From then on, figuring out how to glue the viewing panels down is the most important thing.

Bonding methods

Viewing panels must be securely bonded to ensure they don’t move anywhere and stay in place as long as possible. Experienced manufacturers use solvents and gluing techniques specifically created to suit the material used to make the viewing panels.

The products used for bonding should create no visible bubbles on the viewing panels nor leave any stains because this appearance can cause the fish aquarium to look less expensive and fancy.

High-quality materials

In addition to using appropriate viewing panel installation techniques and bonding methods, experienced builders know the importance of using the right material for a fish aquarium. Not all types of acrylic are suitable for creating high-quality fish tanks.

Each material used to mount viewing panels has to be tested for strength and quality before it’s used to ensure the customer gets what they paid for. The process of mounting public aquarium viewing panels can last for some time because it requires precision and hard work.

High-quality materials
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How are public aquarium viewing panels mounted? A manufacturer who understands that is also aware of the importance of customization. 

By offering the customers the opportunity to express their ideas of how they wish their fish tank to look, they can build a trustworthy relationship and a lasting positive impression in the luxury market.

Manufacturers are seen as more valuable when they focus on creating custom projects instead of simply selling aquariums or pool panels out of retail.

For example, some clients may request an installation of double acrylic windows to create a glossy finish and creative lighting.

How to Find the Right Aquarium Manufacturers and Builders

To ensure the quality and design of the aquarium viewing panels matches your request, you must find a reputable manufacturer. Focus on finding builders that work meticulously and with care when it comes to the mounting process and installation.

Additionally, see what other services they offer and if their customer reviews are generally positive. Some manufacturers may specialize in certain fields of building aquariums but may not be proficient in mounting viewing panels.

Determine your goals and purpose for requesting a fish tank to be built and whether you have enough space to fit it. Having a luxury aquarium is an investment, and if you own a public space, ensure the public aquarium design will entertain and welcome visitors.

Design and installation

Luxury establishments may require a unique aquarium that will attract more guests and result in their business being profitable. Thus, a manufacturing team should be skilled and experienced in viewing panel installation to secure a proper execution of the idea.


Manufacturers are creative individuals who know their craft when it comes to building custom acrylic aquariums. When looking for a manufacturer to mount viewing panels, ensure you pick the best of the best, offering the service of builders with long years of expertise.

Great customer service

If you still have questions about how public aquarium viewing panels are mounted, choose a manufacturer with great customer service. Ensure they are available to respond to every query and suggestion you might have to secure the best outcome.

Aquarium Tank Benefits

Public aquariums are usually known for turning into famous tourist attractions, regardless of their size and shape. A big fish tank may be why people visit the city where it exists. Most of these visitors come with children because the youngest population is impressed by aquariums’ appearance and large size.

However, restaurants and hotels with aquariums inside are also attractive to local visitors and tourists. People are allowed to observe the beautiful fish swimming in the aquarium while enjoying their meal or lounging in the hotel lobby.

Hence, having an aquarium with transparent panels built can be highly beneficial for your business, bringing a sense of luxury into your space. It may also provide relaxation to anyone who is around the aquarium, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Educational purposes

Public aquariums are often used for educational purposes of children. Many schools arrange excursions for their students to visit a public fish tank, observe the sea life species and ask their teachers any questions they might be interested in. This is an experience children tend to remember and cherish forever.

Unique design

If you choose to put an aquarium in your public space or luxury resort, it will likely leave a great impression on visitors. They might be so impressed by the unique design of your fish aquarium that they wish to visit it again.

Moreover, some people want to put an aquarium in their office or corporation. This way, they provide the employees with a stress-relieving element in a professional setting.

Can be wall-mounted

Who would have thought there were ways to save space and still have a large aquarium? 

Fish tanks can be mounted into a wall to look like a moving picture, representing the bottom of the ocean. This might be more enjoyable for visitors and guests instead of looking at a large fish aquarium placed in the middle of a hotel lobby or a restaurant.

Can be wall-mounted
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are aquarium viewing panels durable?

Aquarium panels can be durable if mounted properly by using suitable materials. Not only is glass more easily breakable and heavier than acrylic, but it’s also less durable. Thus, acrylic viewing panels can last longer and hold the water in the aquarium better.

How much weight can aquariums hold?

One freshwater gallon weighs approximately 8.34 pounds. But a saltwater gallon may weigh a bit heavier. Therefore, excluding decorative additions and fish, a 100-gallon tank may hold 83.6 pounds of water.

Can public aquariums leak?

Imagining a public aquarium leaking can be very scary. Not only will the fish inside die, but much damage will be done to the public space or institutions. Leakage can happen due to cracks in the viewing panels, problems with the filtration system, and improper installation.


Aquariums are more than simply decorations in an office or a public institution. So, how are public aquarium viewing panels mounted? It is important to know if you want to bring a distinctive flare to your space and stand out as a unique organization.

Transparent panels commonly seen in all types of fish tanks are very convenient since they offer a visual perception of the aquatic life, creating a calming effect for the observers.

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