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Can You Add a Waterfall or Fountain to a Glass Wall Pool?

Glass acrylic pools are already a stunning visual addition on their own, but with a water feature, you may achieve an even more unique appearance. For instance, can you add a waterfall or fountain to a glass wall pool for a better look?

Let’s jump in and explore how you may achieve an even more eye-catching pool design. 

Can You Add a Waterfall or Fountain to a Glass Wall Pool

Once you have chosen us to build you the best glass wall swimming pool, you can ask us about adding a water feature to elevate the pool design further. With a water feature like a waterfall or a fountain, you may transform the pool area into an actual oasis.

Whether you are transforming your backyard or spa retreat, swimming pool features are a sure way to attract attention and make a memorable visual statement. There are various swimming pool features that one may choose from.

However, the cost of adding water features to an existing pool or a new one will vary depending on the size and type of water feature.

Some types of pool water features include the following:

  • Waterfall
  • Fountain
  • Bubblers
Can You Add a Waterfall or Fountain to a Glass Wall Pool
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If you want a chic yet classy addition to your glass wall pool, you can always go with a breathtaking pool waterfall. Adding a waterfall when it comes to swimming pool features is among the most popular due to the spectacular visual it creates. Also, it allows for adding a rustic touch to your backyard design.

But, if you are more into a contemporary and minimalist design, a more likely question on your mind is whether you can add a glass waterfall to a pool. Glass waterfalls are also known as sheer descents. 

Sheer descents add stunning contemporary visuals for those who love minimalist designs. With a sheer descent, you may achieve a smooth and even flow of water gently cascading over a flat surface.

If you are looking to add a waterfall feature to a glass pool, sheer descents are an excellent choice, as they will seamlessly blend into both existing pools and new designs.

Moreover, with sheer descents, you may increase the flow to create a powerful rushing waterfall. Also, you may decrease the flow to create an almost silent, glass-like sheet of water.


Another trendy choice of swimming pool features is fountains. Some of the most popular and timeless choices for pool fountains are tiered and spouting designs. 

However, for a glass pool, the best choice is a spillway fountain, also known as a sheer descent fountain. This type of fountain adds an eye-catching visual to the sleek and modern aesthetic of a glass pool.

Spillway fountains, much like sheer waterfalls, create a uniform and smooth flow of water. But, unlike the waterfall, the design of a sheer descent waterfall is made to create a ‘spill’ effect.

This effect occurs when the fountain water spills over the edge and into the pool. A spillway fountain can be added along the edge of a pool or on a raised wall.

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Also known as gushers, bubblers are small jets that we install in a pool’s shallow area. The bubblers, once installed, shoot streams of pool water that bubble up and create a ripple effect on the surface.

Best of all, the heights of the streams of water are adjustable, making the bubblers an exciting feature for both kids and adults.

Moreover, bubblers as water features provide your glass pool with a unique look and can be added as the focal point for an existing or a new pool. 


Can you add a waterfall or fountain to a glass wall pool for a better look? Some of the best water features to transform your glass pool include waterfalls, fountains, or bubblers. Regardless of your taste, each one of these features will create unique and stunning visuals.

Neal Moir

Neal Moir

is the owner at Titan Aquatic Exhibits and brings more than a decade in aquarium and acrylic pool wall manufacturing experience.

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