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Best Plants for Landscaping Around a Glass Wall Pool

Everyone who owns a pool wants to decorate their poolside and make it a great place for relaxation. And what’s a better option than strong plants that not only look good but provide additional shade and add privacy to your outdoor space? Keep in mind, though that not every plant is suitable around your pool. That’s why we are about to reveal the eight best plants for landscaping around a glass wall pool.

Best Plants for Landscaping Around a Glass Wall Pool
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Best Plants for Landscaping Around a Glass Wall Pool

You can transform the empty area around the glass wall pool into an oasis. You just have to pick the best plants for poolside landscaping. Pool-friendly plants are considered those which are easy to maintain and are not affected by chlorinated water. After you decide which plants you like, you can search for glass pool fence ideas with plants.


This is one of the most popular choices for pool landscaping. Not only does hibiscus look gorgeous with its red and orange petals that remind of tropical imagery, but it is perfect for planting near glass swimming pools. Some hibiscus types can withstand cooler temperatures. Otherwise, hibiscus thrives in full sun, and it can tolerate the chlorine used in pools.


Strappy plants, like agave, are also great choices for glass pool landscaping. As a matter of fact, agave plants best thrive in a climate like the one in Arizona. Not only does the weather condition suit them, but they look good year-round, require little to no maintenance, and make no mess.

These plants have long, slender leaves that add a touch of elegance to the pool area. Most importantly, agave and yucca can tolerate harsh conditions near pools, like high temperatures and chlorine exposure. The agave variety – attenuata doesn’t shed its leaves, and requires only trimming the withered leaves every once in a while.

Echeveria elegans

If you are in need of elegant, eye-catching plants that will take the starring role in your poolside area, you cannot go wrong with echeveria elegans. Not only are they a fantastic addition to the outdoor design, but they are easy to care for as well. Even better, they are kid-friendly as their leaves are not pointy, but they feel like velvet. 

Echeveria elegans, also referred to as the Mexican snowball, needs a significant amount of light to thrive, around four or five hours of direct sunlight. This plant is ideal for outdoor pools in a warm climate.


Nothing makes an outdoor design look more like an oasis than a palm tree row. If you want a bit of privacy, you can plant golden cane palms in large pots and surround the pool area with them. Palms are excellent low-maintenance plants since they do not shed many leaves. The wide palm fronds also create shade that is much needed in summer. Choose palms that will grow to a height that suits your glass wall pool.

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If you like palm trees but need something smaller, you can plant cycads. Cycad’s leaves are similar to palm leaves. This plant is the best solution if you like the palm tree look but lack space. Cycads need to be watered around twice a week and require full sun exposure.

Viburnum suspense

Viburnum suspense is an evergreen privacy hedge. This hedge type is one of the best solutions for landscaping around a glass wall pool because it requires minimal care. The rich green color is a great pool border. No wonder Viburnum suspense is a common landscaping solution. You can enjoy its greenery and the privacy it provides.

Banana tree (Musa)

If you are after a tropical look around your pool area, a banana tree can create the mood you hoped for. Bananas are fast-growing trees with tropical broad leaves. Remember that banana trees should be planted in a safe spot near a fence or surrounded by other plants because high winds can easily rip their leaves off.


Agapanthus is among the best poolside plants. This is considered the winning plant because it does not require a lot of water. So, a bit of splashing is enough to keep this plant healthy. This plant, with its long leaves and blue or white flowers, looks great in summer.

Source: / Photo Contributor: Jeniffer Fontan

What to consider when choosing decorative plants for pool landscaping?

  • Cleanup – when considering plants that are good around a pool, choose low-maintenance plants. Choosing trees whose leaves fall often could lead to pool clogging and constant cleaning.

You can consider deciduous trees whose leaves fall in autumn. During these months, you can use a pool cover, while these trees will provide shade on the hot days.

  • Chlorine – you should choose a lawn that will not be affected by chlorine, like Mondo Grass. When it comes to trees, Golden Cane Palm is a great choice for poolside plants. 


So, the best plants for landscaping around a glass wall pool are low-maintenance plants that will not get damaged by chlorine. You will not go wrong with Hibiscus, Agave, Echeveria Elegans, palms, cycads, Viburnum Suspense, banana tree, and Agapanthus.

Neal Moir

Neal Moir

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