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Are Acrylic Pools Suitable for Salt Water?

Installing a pool can add visual appeal to the property and provide endless entertainment during the hot summer days. Yet, when it comes to creating the perfect aquatic haven, many prospective pool owners have a common question – are acrylic pools suitable for salt water? 

If you are in the process of adding a swimming pool, continue reading. Join us on a journey of exploring the advantages and considerations of incorporating salt water into modern transparent pools. 

Are Acrylic Pools Suitable for Salt Water
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Are Acrylic Pools Suitable for Saltwater?

Acrylic pools exude luxury and are known for their transparency. Hence, investing in the best acrylic wall pools ensures a salt water sanctuary that stands out in durability and beauty. Such pools have design flexibility, are energy-efficient, and provide comfort. 

They offer a clear view of the water and can enhance the overall swimming experience. But, despite all these benefits, can you add saltwater to acrylic pools? 

Acrylic, known for its resilience, is generally compatible with saltwater, offering an opportunity to enhance your pool experience. But can acrylic pools withstand saltwater? Acrylic panels are generally resistant to the corrosive effects of saltwater. 

The best material for saltwater pools is typically fiberglass, and acrylic is one of the three types of fiberglass pools. It is durable, corrosion-resistant, and relatively quick to install. 

Yet, you must ensure the material used in the pool construction is of excellent quality. It must be specifically designed to withstand exposure to salt to avoid damage to your pool equipment. In addition, proper sealing and bonding of the acrylic sheets are essential to prevent any saltwater from seeping into the pool’s structure. 

The Suitability of Acrylic Pools for Salt Water Environments

If you have been considering investing in a pool, you have likely been curious about installing saltwater systems. Compared to traditional chlorine pools, saltwater ones are easier to maintain and don’t give a strong chlorine smell.

They offer a softer feel of the water and a more natural and gentle swimming environment. Since they have lower chlorine levels, the saltwater pools are known to be gentler on the eyes and the skin. Owners also use salt-chlorine generators or salt chlorinators to keep the pool sanitary at all times.

However, when it comes to incorporating a saltwater system, many pool owners often wonder do acrylic pools support saltwater systems? Are acrylic pools resistant to salt water? 

What Salt Do I Put in My Pool?

While there is a wide variety of salt, you can only use certain types to disinfect your pool. 

For saltwater pools, we recommend using specifically formulated salt, known as pool-grade or solar salt. It typically has a high purity level and is free from additives commonly found in other types of salt. Such solar salt is extracted from evaporated seawater or saltwater lakes. It dissolves readily and is well-suited for pool systems.

Another type of salt is mined or rock salt, which is obtained from underground salt mines. While some pool owners use this type of salt, it’s crucial to choose one labeled as suitable for pool use and to check for purity. 

This is because the mined salt may contain impurities and additives that can affect pool equipment and water quality. In fact, we recommend using salt that is greater than 99% pure. You should also avoid iodized salt, yellow prussiate of soda, or salt with more than 1% anti-caking additives.

What Salt Do I Put in My Pool
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Acrylic pools have gained much popularity throughout the years, captivating with their luxurious aesthetics. Given their aesthetic and functional advantages, they are commonly integrated for private use into homes but also for commercial use in modern hotels and high-end properties. 

Are acrylic pools suitable for salt water? As we can conclude from this post, such pools can be a splendid choice if you consider installing a saltwater pool. The acrylic’s transparency and the saltwater’s allure create a captivating aquatic environment. With the right choice of acrylic pools and proper maintenance, you can transform your backyard oasis into a haven that transcends expectations.

Neal Moir

Neal Moir

is the owner at Titan Aquatic Exhibits and brings more than a decade in aquarium and acrylic pool wall manufacturing experience.

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