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Are Acrylic Pools Suitable for Colder Weather?

Acrylic pools make any yard look more spacious and luxurious due to their transparent appearance. While acrylic pools are fully functional during summer, many question their functionality during winter. Can snow damage the construction of the acrylic pool, and are acrylic pools suitable for colder weather?

We constantly get questions regarding the sustainability of acrylic pools in colder climates. So, you will find this article helpful if you’re one of these people. We will discuss how cold weather affects acrylic pools and the best above-ground pools for cold climates.

Are Acrylic Pools Suitable for Colder Weather
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Are Acrylic Pools Suitable for Colder Weather?

Winter may not damage the acrylic quality any more than other seasons. You will have warmer water temperatures if it’s a sunny winter or live in areas with mild winters. But can acrylic pools withstand cold temperatures?

They are freeze-thaw cycle resistant, making them suitable for colder climates. In terms of the structure, the acrylic pools are unlikely to contract or expand due to the extreme temperatures or rapid changes.

Additionally, with the chemically inert composition, the acrylic pool material doesn’t react with other substances like cleaning solutions, UV light, or other chemicals. Yet, you still need some of the best acrylic glass pool panels to ensure the sustainability of the pool.

It is worth noting that acrylic pools might be more expensive due to aesthetic and durable material. The material requires regular maintenance and service to look good and prolong its lifespan.

Factors to Consider for the Best Above-Ground Pools for Cold Climates

Our expert insights will help you determine the best inground pool for cold climates and whether acrylic pools are the right option.

Harsh cold climate and temperatures

Harsh cold temperatures affect the overall functionality of the acrylic pool. While the acrylic panels are suitable for maintaining warmer temperatures, they are not ideal for areas where the temperatures drop drastically. In this case, you will have to consider adding heating options to keep the pool warm and convenient for swimming.

Pool placement

Location plays a huge role when it comes to pool effectiveness. In colder areas, the pool placement should avoid north or strong winds because it will lose heat, and you will have no choice but to add other heating options. Therefore, you need to place the pool in warmer spots, like in the southern area of the yard, to ensure the sun shines on it.

Proper maintenance

The last but probably most important factor before installing acrylic pool panels is whether you’re willing to maintain the pool. Due to the transparent look, and quality material, acrylic pools require a lot of maintenance and investment in additional equipment.

The heating option is necessary if you use the pool during winter. The cleaning supplies and pool covers are a plus. 

Also, colder months are ideal for algae production due to reduced sunlight and lower temperatures. You have to regularly clean the pool from algae or other debris to prevent further damage.

Factors to Consider for the Best Above-Ground Pools for Cold Climates
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Acrylic pools are the most opted options for a pool design. But due to the luxurious look many of our clients worry about how cold weather affects acrylic pools. So, are acrylic pools suitable for colder weather?

Acrylic pools are suitable for colder climates. The acrylic panels retain the heat and keep the water temperature warm. Plus, they are resistant to freeze-thaw cycles.

However, discussing super harsh winters, we wouldn’t recommend an acrylic pool. This is because you will have to install additional heating equipment.

Neal Moir

Neal Moir

is the owner at Titan Aquatic Exhibits and brings more than a decade in aquarium and acrylic pool wall manufacturing experience.

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