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Acrylic Pool Window

Everyone dreams of having a swimming pool with a window or a see-through wall. These delicate installations can elevate any pool’s appearance and make it seem extra luxurious. Luckily, there are ways to make your dreams come true and create a swimming pool with an acrylic pool window.

This unique trend rises in popularity by the day. So, don’t hesitate to evolve your home or establishment and leave people amazed. However, there are many considerations to be taken since acrylic pool window installation can be fairly challenging. Acrylic pool panel build consultations are a must before taking any action.

Continue reading this article to discover more about these outstanding details you can add to your pool. Learn more about the material and benefits of acrylic windows.

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What Is an Acrylic Pool Window?

Acrylic windows and walls are the new trends for luxurious swimming pools. They deliver an attractive and outstanding design that leaves everyone in admiration. Acrylic windows provide a clear view of the swimming pool below the water’s surface.

They are perfect for water sports for the ultimate view of competition viewing. These windows are also remarkable pieces for underwater photography or even education. Acrylic windows are especially striking in large pools, producing an effect of an opening to infinity.

There are many purposes and designs that can inspire your pool upgrade. Furthermore, don’t neglect the fact that you have the option to have your whole pool surrounded by see-through walls. While this is a more high-end option, it undoubtedly provides a striking appearance.

All of these designs are still trendy today. However, the material used for these projects has immensely evolved. In order to have a safe and clear view inside the pool, opting for acrylic pool wall-viewing panels may be your best choice.

About the material

The material used for swimming pool views has become much more effective and safe. While many companies still use glass or glass for swimming pool windows and walls, you should acknowledge that acrylic material is far superior and firmer.

Thanks to this material’s characteristics, they have risen in popularity and are one of the best options for creating transparent walls.

Acrylic windows for acrylic pools are much more flexible and workable. They can be created in thicker, wider variations but still remain clear and robust regardless of the thickness. In contrast, glass for pools tends to take a green and smudged tinge.

Furthermore, the windows of an acrylic pool must be strong enough to withstand water pressure, people’s flow, and waves. These conditions and stresses are uncontrollable and dynamic. Acrylic material is perfect for this complex dynamic. It has outstanding strength, toughness, flexibility, and resistance to damage.

On the other hand, glass is brittle and may not be able to withstand a pressure environment. Due to climate, temperature, sunlight, and water pressure, it may increase the risk of glass explosion.

So, only acrylic material may ensure and achieve beautiful visual effects, flexible designs, and overall safe properties.

Advantages of Acrylic Pool Windows

Creating the pool of your dreams is fairly easy. However, finding the right company that can build your ideal pool can get challenging. Luckily, the Titan Aquatic Exhibits can design and construct any shape, kind, and form of pool you can imagine.

You can have a customized acrylic pool in the blink of an eye. Moreover, you can design your custom pool panel or transparent pool wall and window with consultations with aquarium builders to ensure its safety.

While only using superior quality acrylic, you can rest assured your pool will be built with excellence and perfection. There are many reasons why acrylic is the only material used for quality construction. 

Some of the most important perks this material has, include the following:

  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Weight
  • Layers
  • Repair


The endurance impact of an acrylic pool window is impressively solid and resilient. Acrylic offers approximately 11 times the impact resilience of glass material.

This means that your customized acrylic windows or panels won’t crack, break, or take any damage from environmental conditions. Since the thickness of an acrylic sheet can go up to 800 mm, it’s capable of withstanding many outside pressures.

As a matter of fact, it’s precisely acrylic materials used in enclosures such as aquariums, thanks to their vital characteristics.


Water can cause a dynamic load with pressure. This means that any type of movement in the water can cause pressure in the walls and windows through waves. There are materials, like glass, that are not quite capable of withstanding these intense pressures.

You’ll need a robust and flexible material to absorb the dynamic load and keep a steady pace when these pressures occur. Acrylic material has excellent flexibility for these kinds of conditions. 

Therefore, when considering materials for pool windows, consider high-quality acrylic material.

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When it comes to transparency, acrylic is perfect for a clear and transparent view inside the pool. Many materials, such as glass for pool windows, tend to turn yellowish or green after a period of time. This can cause the view and image of a luxurious pool to distort.

This is when acrylic windows and panels come along. They don’t cause any discussion or smudged view from the window or wall. Acrylic material offers up to 92% light transmission to enjoy the light reflected through the water.

Moreover, it provides excellent brightness and distortion-free vision, making it much superior to glass.


When constructing a swimming pool, it’s crucial to consider the material’s weight. The importance of this consideration becomes more critical when thinking of building it on top of a rooftop, balcony, or attic.

You don’t have to worry about this issue when opting for acrylic windows, panels, or walls. This is because, compared to glass, the weight is much lighter while also being much more substantial. The weight of the glass is about four times greater than acrylic panels.

This makes a massive difference between these two most used materials for swimming pool windows.


Typically when installing glass in your swimming pool, they’re most likely to be layered to achieve the thickness you want. With acrylic panels, you can have your desired width custom-made without any layering.

Regardless of the thickness of the acrylic panel, you’ll have a clear look inside the pool. Whereas with glass, you can see all the layers that had to be joined together to create the window or wall. Additionally, when the glass receives an impact, the layers may break and cause a problem.

Overall, the acrylic material is much safer and provides many advantages from an aesthetic point of view.


Finally, the repairing protocol is much faster and easier with acrylic materials. When glass breaks or scratches, it’s much harder to polish. In many cases, this may lead to a replacement of the whole panel or window.

However, with acrylics, this is not the case. They’re easily polished and repaired even when installed in the pool. You won’t have to go through replacements, which saves a lot of time, money, and effort.

Why Should You Consider Acrylic Pool Windows?

You might want to install an acrylic pool at your home or business for many reasons. They provide a rich feel to the place and leave people amazed. With these features come great benefits and perks for comfort and relaxation.

Let’s look at why this delicate detail is perfect for different kinds of establishments:

Excellent for film or photography

Photographers, film directors, and even camera operators are all tired of coming up with different kinds of solutions for underwater scenes. That’s why the most straightforward solution of them all may be an acrylic pool window installation.

With this, professionals have all the time and perfect light to capture their quality underwater shots all behind a window.

Perfect for luxury hotels and establishments

Hotels and establishments thrive to differentiate themselves from other competitors. Having an inside or outside swimming pool with see-through panels and windows will give you the gear to provide unforgettable memories.

This adds a memorable touch for your visitors and leaves them with experiences they’ll remember forever. Without worrying about the acrylic pool window cost, this delicate detail will surely gain more visitors allowing you to expand your business.

Sports facilities and public pools

Furthermore, acrylic pool windows provide an excellent observation of swimmers and divers in action. This was initially used to help coaches with diving or swimming instruction.

Luxury in the comfort of your home

Lastly, a luxury pool with acrylic windows doesn’t always have to have a purpose. You can have these installed in the comfort of your home with the sole purpose of enjoying them.

There’s nothing better than relaxing in a see-through pool on a balcony viewing mother nature’s beauties.

Luxury in the comfort of your home
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An acrylic pool window is a trend that adds a touch of luxury to any home or establishment. These delicate pieces cover all safety measurements, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Acrylic pool windows have high endurance characteristics, are highly flexible, and offer clear, transparent views. They also don’t require special repair after scratching or damage from outside conditions.

These acrylic panels are perfect for photography and film professionals, luxury hotels, and sports facilities. You can also customize them for your home and enjoy these delicate details all for yourself.

Hopefully, this article has provided helpful information on acrylic pool windows.

Neal Moir

Neal Moir

is the owner at Titan Aquatic Exhibits and brings more than a decade in aquarium and acrylic pool wall manufacturing experience.

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