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We have over 50 years of combined experience as aquariums manufacturer in building acrylic aquarium design, aquarium filtration and custom acrylic aquarium construction of individually designed projects and aquarium ideas.

The combination of these components allows us to be custom acrylic aquarium manufacturers of your custom acrylic aquariums project, from concept design through start-up, which will assure your happiness with your one of a kind aquatic environment.

We are premier acrylic aquarium manufacturers and aquariums builders who stand behind our custom acrylic aquariums tanks. We also understand that your project and your vision requires more than just a large fish tank.- That is why we are picked as the best aquarium tank manufacturers in the aquatic industry.

Our philosophy is simple, treat our customers with respect and deliver on our promise to be aquarium builders of the best custom acrylic aquariums, fish tank stands, aquatic exhibits, fish tank and stand combo in the industry. By doing so, our clients are always satisfied with our service and will continue to surpass your expectations. Our reputation will always be sound.

The founders of Titan Aquatic Exhibits have extensively worked with the leaders in the aquatic industry, construction, public aquariums and museums. Our experience and knowledge are here for your use to help you bring your desire of having a show piece aquarium for your home or business to reality.


There are plenty of reasons to start your aquarium tank project. We have a list of some of the benefits of having a Custom Fish Aquarium in your life. Get your large fish tank today!

  • Aquarium Tanks promote stress and anxiety reduction
  • Acrylic Turtle Tanks and Acrylic Fish Tanks could be used for educational purposes for children
  • Freshwater Fish Tanks are great for fresh sea water fish
  • Custom Acrylic Aquariums is a unique décor
  • Promotes tranquility
  • Promotes creativity and productivity in an office environment
  • Proven medical benefits for those suffering from illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Affordable ATM Tank pricing
  • Custom shapes, sizes and features
  • Wall Aquarium Tank can be fitted on walls
  • Custom lighting, reef, fish tank plants etc.

Experts in Building Custom Acrylic Aquariums and Fish Tank, Fish Tank and Stand Combo

Titan Aquatic Exhibits has a combined fabrication experience of almost 60 years building custom acrylic aquariums and custom acrylic tanks. This being said, our two top fabricators each have over 24 years in the custom acrylic aquarium world. Check out our vast library of large aquariums, fish tank designs or custom formed acrylic aquariums. Explore through our projects the experience that we have at Titan.

Shop from the best aquarium manufacturer

We use only the best engineering practices and fabrication techniques to manufacture our acrylic tanks and plexiglass aquariums. We have carefully selected only a few brands of acrylic that are suitable to build custom fish aquarium. All materials we use have gone through extensive material testing as well as bond strength testing to ensure that we offer nothing but the best quality in the industry. When you choose our products such as plexiglass fish tank and acrylic fish tank, you get the best quality possible.

Custom Acrylic Aquarium Specifications

As custom acrylic aquarium manufacturers, all our custom aquariums are designed to withstand a 750-psi bond stress which is below the industry standard to avoid long term crazing in bonds. Higher stress thresholds can certainly hold up, within reason, but may be prone to bond failure long term. Lesser engineering standards may also be prone to crazing within the center of viewing panels due to long term stress from increased deflection of the aquarium panels. When shopping acrylic aquariums, you should also note your initial cost versus the long time longevity of your purchase.

Decades of Practical Knowledge

While we have decades of practical knowledge in custom acrylic fabrication of aquariums, we also have an in-house engineer who worked within the Reynolds Polymer Technology engineering team for 5 years running stress analysis via FEA software. Titan can provide FEA analysis and PE stamps for any of our projects across the globe. Most certifications are done with our U.S. or global engineering partners.

Bonding Methods for Custom Acrylic Aquariums and Custom Fish Aquarium

Titan Aquatic Exhibits offers two standard bonding methods. Standard acrylic aquariums or acrylic fish tanks for sale are available with our own custom solvents and welding techniques that are proprietary to Titan. These offer the same bubble free bonds as our exhibit grade seams with a slightly larger “glue wash”. Exhibit grade seams are also available with a bubble free finish but a nearly invisible “glue wash” which is our standard for museums and public aquariums worldwide. Our exhibit grade seams are as close as you can get to a single monolithic cast panel.

Regardless of your choice, you can be assured that you are getting the finest custom acrylic fabrication techniques available in our industry.

Titan Composites also has over two decades of experience with aquatic exhibit acrylic panel installation as well as custom acrylic pool panel installation. Our in-house team has worked all throughout the world installing acrylic aquarium panels. All our panel installations are engineered for less than 800 psi tensile stress for fully supported panels and for an L/400 deflection for panels with unsupported tops such as pool panels and touch tank aquariums.

These industry standards provide for panel aesthetics and long term structural integrity. With all panel installations, we can provide acrylic panel rebate details as well as waterproofing advice, concrete prep, and service if needed by our clients.

Titan also offers underwater sealant repair, waterproofing application, and wet and dry side polishing, fish tank cleaning service of exhibits. Many times, they are a quick simple fix for your exhibit, and while it may just be a “Band-Aid”, we will offer long term solutions to fix your problems.

Regardless of your aquatic project, the Titan Family of companies (Titan Aquatic Exhibits and Titan Composites) is here to take care of you and exceed your expectations. We welcome all your new endeavors and slightly challenged exhibit solutions. Please let us know how we can help you and your team. Titan is the custom acrylic aquarium manufacturer that you should choose for your project.

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