Benefits Of Acrylic vs. Glass

  • Weight – Acrylic is lighter than glass.
  • Structurally – Acrylic is stronger than glass and can withstand much higher impacts.
  • Bonds – Acrylic is chemically bonded at the joints to form one solid piece.
  • Shapes – Acrylic can be easily bent and formed into exotic shapes.
  • Distortion – Acrylic will distort less than glass when viewing through bends or curves
  • Strength – Acrylic does not need to be as thick as glass to support the same amount of volume.
  • Refraction – Acrylic has almost the same index of refraction as water. This means less distortion of what is in your tank. What you see is the actual size and color of your fish and the decorations in the aquarium.
  • Scratching – Like any material, acrylic will scratch if not properly taken care of. However, unlike glass, an acrylic tank can be buffed out to remove any imperfections that might happen over time. Acrylic can be restored to optical clarity by polishing (unlike glass aquariums).

Titan Aquatic Materials

We only use superior quality acrylic from manufactures such as:

  • Reynolds Polymer
  • Polycast
  • Arkema
  • Evonik
  • Nippura

Expert Filtration Design and Installation

  • Professional residential and commercial aquarium filtration design and installation by a network of dealers, domestically and internationally.

Superior Craftsmanship

  • Our head aquarium builders bring over 20 plus years of experience each in building acrylic aquariums. They are experts at their craft.
  • Standard and Museum Grade seams are available.

Superior Customer Service

  • Our staff is always available to answer questions and make suggestions and help you create an efficient and easy to maintain display.