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Titan Aquatic Exhibits is a designer and manufacturer of custom acrylic aquariums and aquatic displays.

From our factory in Phoenix, Arizona, we build custom fish tanks to last a lifetime. Whether you are looking to add an acrylic tank to your residence or use it for your commercial or institutional building, we can help you design an aquatic system to fit your needs and impress your clients and friends. 

We want the process of designing and purchasing a new custom acrylic aquarium to be fun for our clients. That is why we are always available
to give you updates of where we are in building your new aquarium.  We go the extra mile in our manufacturing of your aquarium and set out to provide the highest level of service in the industry, to keep our clients informed and satisfied beyond their expectations.  The companies we align ourselves with have been chosen because they are the leaders in the industry in artificial coral inserts, steel aquarium stands, aquarium furniture, filtration and residential or commercial aquarium installation.

Titan Aquatic Exhibits uses a wide network of local aquarium dealers and fish maintenance companies across the United States to make sure you are taken care of, even after your new aquarium is shipped from our factory.

Feel free to contact us, or a local Titan Aquatics Dealer across the country, to inquire about getting a quote on your new acrylic aquarium.

Send your pictures to: info@titanaquatic.com

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